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phantasmenu.pngRemember, if you die of boredom you do NOT get a free coffin

Phantasmagoria was a 1995 FMV game that spanned seven disks and is about five gigs, as a file. It cost a whole ton of money to make and everything and did pretty well, financially.

However, the real fun part about it is that the backgrounds are ridiculous, the acting wooden and hilarious, the music generally laughable, and the plot and characters fairly stupid. In short, it's like a B movie in game form!

When I was young this game scarred me for life (not the kind of thing a kid should be watching, to be honest, even if it makes an adult laugh derisively) and I never finished it (partly because I was too scared and partly because I didn't know what to do and kept skipping around chapters and finding death scenes by accident and getting all D:), and for a decade or so memories of this game lurked in the back of my mind, growing more and more monstrous as I embellished them to keep them scary. Although I only found that out as I replayed it (there turned out to be no bleach involved in Regina's death, for example). While copying old CDs, I found an old trailer for it on my King's Quest VII CD and thought to myself, hey, I can probably download this nowadays and finally beat it after being afraid of it for so long. Then I thought, hey, I can take screencaps with DOSbox, I bet other people might want to see this too. And there you go.

This game was the first in what I would come to call Screencap Adventures, and where the phrase "Fun with [insert game name here]" which I use for every screencap adventure afterwards originated from.

This was also somewhat unique for a Screencap Adventure in that I had never finished it and could barely remember any of it while playing, so throughout the entire thing I have no more idea what's going to happen than the audience. Makes for fun backreading!

If you have a bittorrent client, you can download a copy of it [WWW]here, but it might take you a while. It's worth it though, because this game is pretty hilarious.

This screencap adventure is finished, and it's by Zarla.

[WWW]Chapters One and Two
[WWW]Chapters Two, Three, And Four
[WWW]Chapter Five
[WWW]Chapter Six
[WWW]Chapter Seven

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